Frequently Asked Questions

1) https://youtu.be/3qdWccrdWHA this video try awnser the most 6 common Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) about the map. Please see the all video with calm, if you can´t understand put on pause, read all text, and see the video until the end. If you continue without understand see the video again.

2) Can you convert the mod X, Y or Z? Maybe, I only convert mods I use on my game. Convert mods take time and I don´t waste my time convert mods I never use or I don´t like.

3) Can you fix the mod X, Y or Z? Maybe, I only fix mods I can use on my game. Fix mods take time and I don´t waste my time fix mods I never use or I don´t like.

4) Can you made a mod for me? No, if I work on a mod that mod after done is for release on community. 

5) Can I play with you on Multiplayer (MP)? No, I don´t have time to play on MP. The free time I have I use to develop the map and mods. 

6) Can you pass me your mods folder? No, my mods folder its mine and is not public. 

7) Why you don´t release some mods we see on your videos? Because that mods apears for the actual version of Farming Simulator and I have a rule. Never release a edit mod for the same version of the game as the author. Unless the author gives permission. So if you want a edited mod you see on my videos contact the author and ask him if he give permission for me release the mod. 

8) Can I join to you on creation of the map and mods? If your intention join to me is for have access to private mods and early versions, forget. I don´t have any team and don´t want create a modding team. I work on my mods when I want and when have time, without deadlines and rush. To work with me you need know create 3D models and understand the code for farming simulator. And above all, have ideas for mods do not exist yet in the game and it is possible to implement them.

9) Can you put my language on your map? Yes, but I only can add languages accept by default. If the game have your language its possible add your language to the map. What you have to do, is contact me and I teach what file you need edit to make the translation.

10) Do you know where I can donwload the game?  Yes, the game you can download on Giants Official site. The map (its a mod, not the game) you can find the link here on this site. If you want to know links to download the game by other means, don´t ask me, because I don´t use that type of files and I don´t give support for my map and mods on Games with unoffcial FS19