CAT Backhoe for tractors

CAT Backhoe for tractors. This is a convertion from FS17. The mod is not mine I only convert. FSMiner create new textures. Download for all: Download for Patreons:

Ashland I-200 TS4 Scraper v1

Ashland I-200 TS4 Scraper with a real function. This its the first scraper with a uniform discharge. This mod it was sent to me by a user without any real function, on last two weeks I worked on the mod to work as real one. Download for Patreons: Download

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This is Single Drum Vibratory Roller v2. This mod have two rollers each one with a function. One is for compacting material the other works as roller from Giants to put the ground texture as default.  To see how it works please see the video on my youtube channel.  Changelog

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